Use concrete mixer What needs

As one of the two essential elements of concrete mixing plants, concrete mixer has a vital role. So, concrete mixers use needs to have what conditions?     First, the concrete mixer should be set on a flat place, so that the tire is vacant position, so when you start loosening. Is preferably carried out prior to commissioning stirring empty, ready to work. It should be noted that commissioning concrete truck mixers for sale china should examine whether proper mixing drum rotational speed, under normal circumstances, empty loading rate slightly faster than the rear turn 2-3, such as a difference of more, the ratio should be adjusted to move the wheel and drive wheel.     Second, before concrete mixer working to carefully check each part to see if the drive clutch and brake is flexible and reliable, wire rope for damage, pulley track is good, there is accessibility and other parts of the lubrication and so on around. Confirmed that no problem and then boot up.     Third, if during the boot process, if found to electrical or mechanical failure, it should be discharged more than expected, and other troubleshooting and then start running. Of course, when used, should always check to prevent the occurrence of accidents.     Finally, the concrete mixer after use, wind up its power and lock switch control box, remember to clean up on time, clean site health, so that the machinery to keep clean. Use concrete mixing station Concrete mixing station on and off is a day to go through a process of reasonable safety switches concrete mixing station can not only reduce accidents, but also to ensure that the service life of concrete mixing station equipment. So stirring station to well-planned switch mixing station operator safety work processes to ensure smooth production. Lianhua machinery Xiao Bian today for everyone to do a brief analysis, so that we correctly.

Concrete mixing station boot sequence

First electrical cabinets inside the control switches are open, including the host, cement silo, pumps, batching warehouse, flat belts, inclined belt, and discharge switches. Then the host computer is turned on. After opening the first detection of mechanical exercise capacity, inclined belt running first, and then run the host, and finally running flat belt. So can guarantee the residual material inside can run out. Maintain the mechanical integrity of the operation of. If, in the case of normal functioning, you can open the pumps, batching machine, and so began to work the machinery. If some devices in the boot order is wrong, but also that there is no normal start-up, for a long time will cause damage to the equipment, this situation is to resolutely put an end to. Concrete mixing station equipment shutdown sequence Ingredients (including aggregates, cement) shut off the water automatic brick machine price supply, feeding off (no deposit belt material) for the main organ (concrete mixers tank no deposit material) Discharge Conveyor OFF (belt no deposit material) storage bin door closed Pneumatic authorities closed stirred tank cleaning valve switch off the main power.

Concrete mixing station Check the new rural construction model How to choose

Economic prosperity, facilities and beautiful environment, civilized and harmonious socialist is the development direction of new rural construction, from the present viewpoint, in order to change the environment in rural areas, where housing construction is one of the building can not be ignored, concrete mixing station housing construction as the most important tools to appropriately select the device to people who want to invest in is a big challenge, type mixing station, how to choose? Many models of concrete mixing station, but to invest in new rural construction, the proposed establishment of the professional staff of UMC gives the investment in rural construction of small mixing plant more reasonable, HZS25 / 35 belong to a small concrete mixing stations, such Compared with concrete mixing station HZS120 / 180, and in some respects the latter does not have excellent performance, but in terms of concrete mixing station, HZS25,35 also be required to complete the project concrete, and its simple structure, easy to move of current transfers engineering site users, the full play the advantages of recycling. The second is a small simple concrete mixing station are cheap, easy to operate, for the project to save a lot of manpower and financial resources.

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