In recent years, the market alumina underlying outbreak influenced by various factors, fluctuation fluctuates development type, but in recent years the development of the industry in market share and speed Development there are some other mineral resources may be comparable with. In recent years the sector of industry and refractory casting accuracy, we can say that the bright spring days a year. From an internal perspective, sustainable development ore bauxite mine bauxite in sales, is the largest power of the rapid growth of the mineral resource industry; from an international perspective, one aspect is the need for the international investment casting market development, on the other hand, is also Chinas bauxite reserves in overall proportion is very important. Consequently, overall sales unpopular in recent years, it is reasonable.

LUM Ultrafine vertical roller mill

Industry character relevant mining equipment says, the beginning of this year of the new mining industry must combine the development of mining bauxite grinding machine and business development, and strive to develop the market in urgent need of equipment in more convenient for mining needs, the company has developed more in line with superfine grinding machine equipment at home and abroad construction applications , its use of advanced technology very complete.

LUM vertical roller mill

Bauxite by mill after processing can be used for a plurality of high-end industry:

(1) aluminum smelting industry. Used in national defense, aviation, automobile, electric appliance, chemical industry, daily necessities etc.

(2) precision casting. Bauxite clinker by superfine grinding machine processed into fine powder and made into mold. Used in military, aerospace, communications, instrumentation, machinery and medical equipment department.

(3) for refractory products. High alumina bauxite refractory degree is up to 1780 DEG C, high chemical stability, good physical properties.

Ultrafine vertical roller mill

(4) of aluminium silicate refractory fibre. Has the advantages of light weight, high temperature resistance, good thermal stability, low thermal conductivity, heat capacity and has the advantages of small resistance to mechanical shock. For the iron and steel, nonferrous metallurgy, electronics, petroleum, chemical, aerospace, atomic energy, defense and other industries. It is the high alumina clinker into the melting temperature of about 2000 ~ 2200 degrees of arc furnace, by high temperature melting, high speed air or steam injection, cooling, became cotton, aluminium silicate refractory fibre white. It can be pressed into brick fiber blanket, board or woven into cloth instead of smelting, chemical, glass and other industrial high temperature furnace lining. Firefighters used refractory fiber cloth made clothes.

(5) with magnesia and bauxite as raw material, adding appropriate binder, used for pouring ladle integral barrel liner effect is very good.

(6) manufacture of alumina cement, abrasive materials, ceramic industry and chemical industry in a variety of aluminum compounds. Unique design with we a superfine grinding machine. Host the grinding cavity, the pressure device 1500kg2000kg design in the upper plum frame, the same power, yield increase of 10-30%, the pressure roller grinding device for material is increased by 800-1500kgf, the fine fineness can reach 1000 mesh. And the material has strong applicability, can be for a variety of material Mohs hardness below level 9.3. The dust removal effect can reach the national standard. In the building products, we adopt world-class manufacturing processes, selection of material for making the most high-end, strict testing means of transformation of innovation of machinery.